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APUJAN is a fashion brand founded by London-based fashion designer Apu Jan. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, UK; Apu Jan has been showcasing his designs at the London Fashion week consecutively starting from 2013 Autumn/Winter. His designs are renowned for integrating fiction-inspired designs, unique knitwear techniques, and themes inspired by fantasy, history, literature and a fusion of East and West. The literary themes enable the clothes to appear both real and surreal, while the precise and intricate knitting skills allow every item to accentuate the wearer’s unique femininity. The juxtaposition of traditional and oriental elements with a contemporary twist, and the interweaving of bold and casual elements are at the heart of APUJAN’s unique style, and have become the hallmarks of the APUJAN label.


Apu Jan
The head Creative Directior of APUJAN, Apu Jan, born and raised in Taiwan, graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, specialising in Womenswear Knitwear Textile, with first place in his degree show. He then attended Royal College of Art for Knitwear Womenswear Master Degree. Soon after, he was able quickly to display his talent at London Fashion Week and constantly selected to showcase his collection for over 5 seasons by incorporating his knowledge of Asia's knitwear industry and oriental art culture to western fashion show. Since 2013, Apu Jan has collaborated with many Taiwanese young artists forming a strong team that has triggered a new generation of young Taiwanese designers striving to display their work at London Fashion Week.
Apu Jan has garnered a great deal of attention and praise from the international media. He was one of 10 designers shortlisted for the Vogue Italy New Talent contest and has been named as one of GQ TAIWAN’s men of the year. The APUJAN brand has been selected as one of the top 10 Culture and Creative brands in Taiwan, and has been featured in many major fashion publications such as WALLPAPER, Vogue UK and Vogue Italy. More recently, a selection of APUJAN’s garments have been exhibited as a permanent collection at the La Cite de la Dentelle et de la mode in Calais, France. In addition to London Fashion week, APUJAN’s designs can also be seen at Paris Fashion Week, Licensing International in New York, and Fashionclash in Maastricht, Amsterdam. APUJAN’s designs can be found online from the official web shop and in concession shops in Shin Kong Place Suzhou, China; as well as some selected shops in both London and Taipei.


DJ QuestionMark /
Chi-Hsuan Ying
The music director of APUJAN, DJ QuestionMark, also known as Chi-Hsuan Ying, the music producer and flutist. Ying has collaborated as the music director since APUJAN was first established. His distinctive style and remarkable talent enabled him to received the championship from DMC, world's most influential DJ competition, at Taiwan and entered world's DMC competition as Taiwan's representative. During the collaboration with APUJAN, Ying produced several exquisite catwalk music accordingly to each season's theme.

As a music director, Ying assembled various talented musicians and established the music production team, PROJECT APJ. The team members are formed with a number of 6 including DJ himself. PROJECT APJ not only produces catwalk music for APUJAN, but also performing live music at the runway show. The juxtaposition of APUJAN's collection with Ying's music created a new sensation of performance. Aside from above, they also release their runway music albums followed up by the fashion shows.


PROJECT APJ is an independent music band as well as a music production team extended from designer brand,APUJAN.The members includes Chi-Hsuan Ying,also known as DJ QuestionMark;producer,Chia-Lun Yu;vocalists,Olivia Yin and Nan-Yin Wu;violinist,Daphne Su;Violist,De-Qi Yeh;and the bassist,Chun-Ting Wang.PROJECT APJ has performed live music at APUJAN's several catwalk show in London Fashion Week followed by their first released album "Moment to Moment".