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Before Last Petal Falls
18 SS
Before the last petal fell, I remembered there was a garden in full blossom ;
Before the last leaf faded, I remembered there was a forest full of green ;
The last snowflake, the last sand grain, the last teardrop...
Nothing gold can stay.
So let me cast a spell for you, it is necessary to freeze the beauty of flowers, it is necessary to freeze the fragrance of coffee, and it is necessary to freeze the imagination of our youth...

In his 2018 spring and summer collections, ApuJan heavily used silk knitting and prints in design. He self-developed unique jacquard and chiffon as his materials. In tailoring, ApuJan deployed lots of oriental style elements, like mandarin collar or horse-hoof sleeves, and he also did some mashup of suits and dresses. In his staple knitwear, ApuJan mixed lots of knitting techniques, machine knit or hand knit, created a series of fine gauge knitwear that are suitable to be worn in summer and spring.